The spirit of Canada in the new Iceberg Vodkas

From a small Canadian town- Newfoundland, to global fame. The premium quality "Iceberg" vodka has built a reputation during its 30 years of history that truly deserves the title of "Canadian Heritage".

With its unique ingredients, unsurpassed quality, and smooth taste, "Iceberg" vodka is the best-selling Canadian vodka in the world today.

The history of this brand begins in 1995 when the founders of the company decided to create a high-quality vodka using the purest water source on the planet - icebergs.

- It doesn't matter how many times the alcohol is filtered or what technologies are used - we all know, that the true softness and taste of vodka depends on the quality of the water. That's why we decided to use the water provided by the Canadian iceberg, which has remained frozen and untouched for centuries, - to assure the representatives of the company.

Have you ever heard of iceberg harvest? Yes, yes, that's what Captain Ed, the "Iceberg Cowboy", and his team do: every spring they harvest icebergs from the North Atlantic Ocean and turn it into alcohol. As a result of this process, the smoothest and most pleasant vodka in the world, "Iceberg", is obtained.

Summus Trade Group presents the best Canadian vodka “Iceberg” in Armenia. You can find it in the best shopping centers and places of entertainment.