#Neva Bartender Cup 2023

For all those who are convinced that making a cocktail is an art, the Armenian Bartenders Association, together with the Sammus Trade Group Company, organized the selection stage of the #Neva Bartender Cup 2023 competition. The Armenian stage of the competition took place on May 31, at Foodpark Downtown.

The winner of the Armenian round went to St. Petersburg on June 29 to participate in the semifinals of the #Neva Bartender Cup 2023 competition, during which the finalists were selected.

The Neva Bartender Cup 2023 competition organized by Neva brand, a partner of Summus Trade Group, ended with the brilliant participation of our participant Koryun Hovhannisyan.

In the hot semi-final of the competition held in St. Petersburg, our participant showed himself in the best way, showed high professionalism and as a result was among the 6 finalists.

It should also be noted that Koryun was the only participant from abroad who appeared in the finals.