World Famous Bourbons Now On Sale in Armenia

Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of bourbon. It is no coincidence that the genius writer of the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway, associated passionate and fiery feelings, the company of true friends, and, of course, the breath of freedom with American bourbon.

This autumn, the Armenian consumer will finally enjoy the unequaled classic American bourbon.

Sammus Trade Group, a large Armenian importing company, has great news for bourbon lovers. Two of the bestseller bourbons in the world are officially in Armenia.

We decided to import these two bourbons, Evan Williams and Elijah Craig, to Armenia, as these names have captured not only the American but also the world alcohol market and will surely become the favorite names of the Armenian consumer as well,- the representatives of the company mentions, adding that the Armenian market needed and lacked just such a product, and he Armenian consumer deserves to enjoy the best.

When talking about technologies, representatives of beverages emphasize the exclusivity of barrels in particular․

The bourbons are aged in charred white oak barrels, all barrels are used only This method forms unique, multi-layered, and deep aromas. Notes of caramel, honey, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon and leather: here are the taste nuances that await bourbon lovers. Evan Williams is also one of the few bourbons in the world that is aged far longer than required by law.

Elijah Craig premium award-winning bourbon is known for its unique spicy notes and subtle smoky flavors, which it gets from aging in charred oak barrels.

Many years and many barrels have passed since the creation of this bourbon. At times, preferences have changed, while the method and traditions of making this bourbon remain accurate and time-tested.

The perfect bouquet of Evan Williams combines wonderfully in cocktails and provides an opportunity for endless creativity, - assure the mixologists and bartenders already familiar with this drink.

The geniuses of the time, strong-willed men and women changing the world drank bourbon. They drank bourbon on important occasions and without occasion.

Classical and leading bourbons are now also available in Armenia with the names of Evan Williams and Elijah Craig. You can find them in the best shopping centers and entertainment places of the city.